Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner Training Programme

Do you wish you could offer a treatment that’s simple to learn, but incredibly powerful in its effects. To not only heal people, but transform their lives forever…

What is Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy?

A Simple and Incredibly Powerful Treatment Formula

Around 6% of women are formally diagnosed with PTSD following a traumatic birth. We believe the true number of women suffering from birth trauma to be much, much higher – Approximately one third of women describe their birth as being traumatic. Birth Trauma Resolution gives you the tools and skills to be able to provide life changing birth trauma treatment, as well as teaching you the neuroscience behind trauma, how it occurs, and how we can help prevent it.

Is This An Online Course?

Our New, Fully Online Training Programme Provides Total Flexibility

The new Birth Trauma Resolution Online Training Programme has been designed to offer total flexibility. Work through the course content at your own pace around your working pattern, with weekly Zoom deepener sessions that are always recorded so you never miss a thing. No matter where you are in the world, this course is open to everyone.

“BTR has been a total revelation. To be a qualified BTR therapist has equipped me with the tools to actually deactivate the trauma template. It is the solution I had always hoped for. It is an absolute privilege to witness the transforming effects of BTR in as little as one session. In the words of one client ‘it’s like magic…'” – Elaine Carter, BTR Practitioner

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy – Leading the way in birth trauma training and treatment…

Who Is This Course For?

Anybody Looking For a Way to Treat Birth Trauma Rapidly and Effectively…

If you are a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Midwife, Doula, Health Visitor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker, or anybody who regularly comes in to contact with those suffering from Birth Trauma, our training course is for you. If you wish you could offer a fast, safe, and incredibly effective treatment to heal people from the debilitating symptoms of Birth Trauma and PTSD, Birth Trauma Resolution is the solution. And what’s more – It takes just 18 weeks to learn…

what will i learn?

Everything you Need to Know About Treating Birth Trauma

How to Recognise Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma is often misdiagnosed as post-natal depression, which means mothers are in many cases left to suffer from terrifying symptoms.

How Birth Trauma Affects a Mother

Birth Trauma can destroy your life. Many can longer sleep or feel safe, and it often damages relationships with family, friends, partner, and even baby…

How to Prevent Birth Trauma and Foster Resilience

Learn a variety of supportive and empowering techniques to help regulate the nervous system and rebuild feelings of strength and confidence.

How to Deactivate the Trauma Template

Using the incredibly powerful Rewind technique, BTR students learn to rapidly deactivate the trauma template and transform the lives of patients.

How to Release Associated Negative Emotions

BTR students learn a variety of tools and strategies to support patients to release associated negative emotions such as guilt, shame, sadness, etc…

How to Support Patients in Rebuilding Relationships

After living with trauma for so long, patients often need support to rebuild the relationships that have broken down as a result of destructive symptoms.

How to Listen and Debrief Effectively and Safely

Learn the step-by-step guide to supporting the natural trauma processing system in the brain.

How to Prevent and Treat Vicarious Staff Trauma

Continued exposure to birth trauma and an insufficient emphasis on staff wellbeing means that staff trauma rates are rising rapidly…


Who Is The Course Tutor?

Jenny Mullan – Birth Trauma Specialist

I am a psychotherapist currently undertaking a PhD researching birth trauma, and have been working with birthing mothers for over 21 years. Throughout my career I have developed an incredibly deep understanding of birth trauma, and it is this understanding that has allowed me to develop Birth Trauma Resolution therapy. Birth Trauma is a global crisis, and with so many mothers around the world suffering from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD I knew that something had to be done. There was no fast, effective method to relieve mothers of the nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety. Until now…


What People Are Saying About BTR

“I loved the BTR training with Jenny. The material was clear and very well presented. I felt like a sponge absorbing every word and instruction from Jenny. By the end of the training I felt confident and competent as a new practitioner. I’m still learning and developing of course but the training prepared me for a strong start. BTR is a pioneering program with all the elements for success healing trauma, delivered by an experienced and passionate psychotherapist. The results I’m seeing are incredible. The women who received the treatment so far have reported significant freedom from the symptoms and improvement in their quality of life. I feel very blessed to have trained with Jenny. Unlike some other online programs I did, BTR was time and money well spent!”

Sawsan Mostafa

BTR Practitioner, Egypt

“Studying BTR therapy has been different to any course I have previously completed. I worked on two case studies and saw very encouraging results with both. One case study client told me that I had ‘given her her life back’. It feels immensely satisfying to know I am helping those affected by trauma to heal and recover.”

Caryl Jones-Pugh

BTR Practitioner, Wales

This course has given me the confidence in treating women with birth trauma, and also the empowerment to see that there needs to be a big change within midwifery care to support women. I feel privileged to be in this position to support individuals through their trauma and be a part of helping them move forward with their lives.

Dani Gillings

BTR Practitioner, England

Frequently Asked Questions

How Well Does BTR Work?

The incredible and unique thing about Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy, is that not only has Jenny been able to develop a treatment formula that has an incredibly high success rate, but that our students have had just as much success in treating birth trauma from their very first patients. After reviewing 118 case studies, more than 90% of students were able to eliminate symptoms of trauma in 3 sessions or less. Patients repeatedly report that their nightmares are now gone, their anxiety and stress has been drastically reduced, their relationships have improved massively, and their lives have been transformed forever. BTR Therapy absolutely and consistently changes lives.

How Long Does This Course Take?

The course consists of 18 weekly teaching modules, followed by a 90-minute live Zoom ‘Deepener’ session each Wednesday at 5pm (UK Time). After the 18 weeks are up, students take a practical exam, as well as submitting a case study before they officially complete the course. Once students pass the required assessment, there is a 6-month preceptorship period where students are treating patients, and attending monthly supervision sessions to discuss cases and further develop their understanding of the course content.

Can I Do This Course Alongside My Job?

The BTR Online Training Programme is entirely flexible. As long as you have around 5 hours per week spare for study, you can learn entirely at your own pace. All the live sessions are recorded so you will never miss a thing.

Is This Course Just For Midwives?

While we have had many midwives train in BTR, it has become very clear that they are not the only professionals that are suited to treat birth trauma. People from all kinds of professions see birth trauma on a daily basis, and we are very excited to be able to provide such professionals with the tools and skills to be able to make a real positive impact on those that they see suffering from the hugely destructive symptoms of birth trauma.

Can I Start a Private Practice Doing BTR?

Many of our students have had success running a private BTR practice. In fact because BTR is so exceptional at treating patients, our students find it is often very easy to maintain a consistent stream of clients via word of mouth alone. Birth trauma is everywhere, and with BTR you have the tools and skills to really make a life-changing difference in people’s lives every single day. 

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