“My colleague and I have been running a birth trauma resolution clinic, called the Awen clinic (means inspiration in Welsh), Health and Wellbeing Academy, Swansea University for 2 years. We are accredited birth trauma resolution therapists, trained by Jenny Mullan, and we work in collaboration with maternity services and perinatal mental health services. We have seen over 100 women in the last 2 years and our online evaluations regarding the experience and effectiveness of the therapy are overwhelmingly positive. It changes people’s lives. We will be conducting our own small qualitative study and hope to be part of a larger multi centre study to add the evidence base in relation to the effectiveness of this therapy.”

Dr. Sarah Norris

 James Pagets maternity department –  awarded outstanding for responsiveness including the use of rewind as part of the BTR therapy service’ 

Women’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I received this testimonial from a client which she was happy for me to share which makes all the hard work worth it!

“I was absolutely amazed at how empowering my 2 sessions of birth trauma resolution therapy were and how quickly they worked. I found it very emotional initially but was supported extremely well throughout each session.  I never thought that I would be able to deal with my traumatic situation when having my second daughter and had been putting off talking about it for a few years. Both sessions were slightly different but I was given plenty of time to talk and process the therapy at my own pace. It has giving me more confidence and has enabled me to have a loving relationship with my daughter and I have learnt to deal with what happened and am now more at ease and am able to talk about this with more confidence. I continue to use the therapy to my best ability at home when situations can become challenging.

Thank you so much Abi from the bottom of my heart my whole life has changed because I was given the opportunity of birth trauma resolution therapy and it’s still nice to know that you are available if I need any other support”

James Pagets - Abby Robertson

“Feedback from women is outstanding. I have email and person to person feedback but also conducted a survey of 30 women via Survey Monkey. The results/comments were amazingly supportive of the service.”

Julie Clark - Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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