Read some TESTIMONIALS from my students…

Read the stories of some of my students, and how the course has impacted their practice, their lives, and the lives of their patients…

“My colleague and I have been running a birth trauma resolution clinic, called the Awen clinic (means inspiration in Welsh), Health and Wellbeing Academy, Swansea University for 2 years. We are accredited birth trauma resolution therapists, trained by Jenny Mullan, and we work in collaboration with maternity services and perinatal mental health services. We have seen over 100 women in the last 2 years and our online evaluations regarding the experience and effectiveness of the therapy are overwhelmingly positive. It changes people’s lives. We will be conducting our own small qualitative study and hope to be part of a larger multi centre study to add the evidence base in relation to the effectiveness of this therapy.”

Dr. Sarah Norris

Awen Clinic, Swansea University

I have heard many women over the years describe their traumatic birth experiences but despite being a kindly and sympathetic listener, have always wished I was able to provide a more effective solution.

BTR has been a total revelation. To be a qualified BTR therapist has equipped me with the tools to actually remove the trauma template. It is the solution I had always hoped for.  It is an absolute privilege to witness the transforming effects of BTR in as little as one session. In the words of one client “it’s like magic”.

I have now retired completely from midwifery practice so I can focus exclusively on BTR.  The Trust I work for has recognised the unique benefit to the women and has now rolled out the service to any staff member who is suffering trauma as a result of their work experiences.

Elaine Carter

Having BTR therapy changed my life for the better and allowed me to heal.  Since then I have felt drawn to working with those who have experienced birth trauma and decided to train in 2020.

Studying BTR therapy has been different to any course I have previously completed. Learning about the different techniques involved in BTR therapy has been very interesting and provided me with a suite of offerings to use with clients as necessary.

I worked on two case studies and saw very encouraging results with both. One case study client told me that I had ‘given her her life back’. It feels immensely satisfying to know I am helping those affected by trauma to heal and recover.

Caryl Jones-Pugh

 James Pagets Maternity Department – Awarded outstanding for responsiveness including the use of rewind as part of the BTR therapy service’ 

Women’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I received this testimonial from a client which she was happy for me to share which makes all the hard work worth it!

“I was absolutely amazed at how empowering my 2 sessions of birth trauma resolution therapy were and how quickly they worked. I found it very emotional initially but was supported extremely well throughout each session.  I never thought that I would be able to deal with my traumatic situation when having my second daughter and had been putting off talking about it for a few years. Both sessions were slightly different but I was given plenty of time to talk and process the therapy at my own pace. It has giving me more confidence and has enabled me to have a loving relationship with my daughter and I have learnt to deal with what happened and am now more at ease and am able to talk about this with more confidence. I continue to use the therapy to my best ability at home when situations can become challenging.

Thank you so much Abi from the bottom of my heart my whole life has changed because I was given the opportunity of birth trauma resolution therapy and it’s still nice to know that you are available if I need any other support”

Abby Robertson

James Pagets

Carolyn is a great relationship councillor but didn’t realise that a lot of the problems she sees every day were actually related to birth trauma.

A few weeks into the course, she received an emotional phone call from a delighted patient whom she took from having up to 5 ‘severe’ nightmares a night to ‘I slept like a baby’ in just one session.

She’s not even fully through the course but she states ‘Anyone who is concerned, sceptical…. don’t be! This tool is amazing, and I am so thankful Jenny for this privilege to learn’

Carolyn Mulholland

The most important thing I learned during the course was the simple but very effective combination of deep relaxation techniques with a rewind. I as a Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner simply invite the brain to do the healing it wants to do. That feels really powerful, not only for me but especially for the women I treat. They tell me the relaxation exercises makes a big difference in their day-to-day experience, and the rewind simply changes their life. As a before and after moment, they often can not believe what just happened. It is life changing, I feel very grateful and privileged to be able to be part of this transition.

Minke Siesling

I chose to do this course for my personal interest and it’s also within my professional remit. I often have women and their partners on my caseload that have experienced birth trauma and this impacts on their ability to parent their children and their mental wellbeing.

I feel that the techniques and tools that I learnt from the BTR therapy course goes beyond the remit of psychological intervention and talking therapies. It is holistic and includes mindfulness and relaxation techniques that benefit women and their partners in a scientific and spiritual, healing way.

I have become more mindful when dealing with women and families that have experienced birth trauma. In my experience BTR therapy is grounded in that ethos…actively listening and validating a woman’s birth story replacing the negative, traumatic memory with one of positivity and light as it should be.

Soraya Salfrais

My name is Daniella Gillings and I currently work as a Community Midwife. During my everyday practice, I see women antenatally that have suffered birth trauma and is impacting future pregnancies as well as women affected by birth trauma postnatally. In the community, I am in a prime setting for recognising these women. Alongside my compassion and calm nature, this course has given me the skills and techniques in order to identify birth trauma and I have the tools to now treat individuals. This course has given me the confidence in treating women with birth trauma, and also the empowerment to see that there needs to be a big change within midwifery care to support women. I feel privileged to be in this position to support individuals through their trauma and be a part of helping them move forward with their lives.

Dani Gillings

“Feedback from women is outstanding. I have email and person to person feedback but also conducted a survey of 30 women via Survey Monkey. The results/comments were amazingly supportive of the service.”

Julie Clark

Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Before the course I would consider myself an intuitive person with an understanding of mind-to-body connection, however this course shines a far deeper light on ‘healing the mind’ which in turn dramatically improves a person’s life forever.

The power of the course through ‘dancing the journey with a client’ not only changes their life, but enriches your own at the same time as you have been part of their healing process – A very special gift.

My practice through BTR has changed me to becoming a calmer, more perceptive listener and observer with an ability to step back, to gently guide a client on their holistic journey to change their lives for the better.

Jenny Smith

“I recently sought help from Maria following a traumatic birth experience of my first baby. Maria has a very kind, caring and gentle presence and immediately puts you at ease. From the very beginning, she was very reassuring and made me feel like all the feelings and emotions I felt around my experience were very normal. She never probed for any details about it, any information I shared was of my own volunteering. Instead she acknowledged how I felt around my birth experience and that was all that was needed to engage in the therapy.

Initially I was reluctant to engage with Maria for traumatic birth resolution as I felt like I was coping quite well. I felt I was handling life as a first time mother well and I was open with family and friends about my experience. I honestly thought the feelings of sadness and disappointment that I felt towards my experience were part of my journey and that they would always be a part of it and it was a case of ‘time heals.’ It was only when she directed me to her support page and I listened to a radio interview that she had given that I started to identify and resonate with what she was saying in it.

Maria made me realise that there were techniques that I could engage in and learn to help ease the emotion that I felt towards my experience and how over time I could start to attach less sadness to my experience both in my thoughts and sharing my experience with others.

My experience of Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy has been very positive and it has most definitely been very beneficial to me. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been through a birthing experience that has left behind feelings of sadness and disappointment around it. Maria’s approach is very supportive, empathetic and gentle and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is very giving with her time and is very knowledgeable about traumatic birth resolution therapy. Thank you Maria.”

Maria Aine Keenan

“I would recommend this treatment with Cathy to anybody who has suffered an experience that they consider traumatic for themselves. Cathy made arranging the session easy, she accommodated my schedule around my children, made me feel very comfortable, and it’s a very easy and painless process where you just follow her instructions and let the treatment work. She will follow up with you afterwards to see how you feel and make any necessary adjustments then. For me I have to say that if I hadn’t gone ahead with it I’d still be living with the experience that caused me so much distress and it will probably still be affecting my life. Instead I now just see that experience as something that happened momentarily, and everything else around having my baby and my life since can be viewed objectively and not from the traumatic place that I was in before. If you are thinking about going ahead, the sooner you have the treatment with her, the sooner you can get over whatever trauma you experienced and move on positively with your life.”

Cathy Green

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