How can my Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner help me?

Your BTR practitioner is trained to use a variety of tools and techniques including therapeutic rewind which helps to turn a birth trauma memory into a normal functioning memory. This means that following therapy you will be able to remember your birth but without the strong negative emotions attached to it. Many patients report being able to remember more detail about the birth including positive events that may have been forgotten.

BTR practitioners can also help you to recover from the repercussions of suffering from a birth trauma including loss.  Your BTR practitioner will use additional powerful tools and techniques to help you move on from feelings such as:

  • Loss of a birth dreamed about
  • loss of confidence
  • loss of feelings of attachment to your baby
  • relationship breakdown between you, your child, partner, family members and friends
  • help to rebuild a life of emotional wellness with a strong sense of a positive future.

BTR practitioners can also help you to deal with the feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, shame, failure etc, all commonly associated symptoms of a traumatic birth.

For most women, having a baby is already a very stressful time, with the symptoms of trauma easily compounding the already overwhelming feelings that transitioning into motherhood can bring. It is vital that a woman suffering from birth trauma can access good treatment to help them meet with the many challenges of motherhood.

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