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Rose Bedford

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Location: Hertfordshire
Professional background: Registered Midwife

Rose is an experienced midwife with 25 years of experience working within the NHS.

Rose very much enjoys helping empower people to overcome challenges and has a particular interest in the specialised treatment of those suffering from birth related  trauma/PTSD

In her work as a midwife she works with women/partners who have accessed ‘Birth Afterthoughts’. This listening service facilitates time for reflection and clarification on many aspects of care for women who have unresolved issues about their pregnancy or birth experience and provides an opportunity to have any questions answered. 

It was through working as part of this service that she became acutely aware of the trauma that some women/birth partners were presenting with. Some of the experiences she became aware of were triggered by a difficult and complex labour/birth but for others, also displaying signs of trauma, it was not always dramatic events that resulted in trauma for them. Triggers for those included factors such as loss of control, loss of dignity, the hostile attitudes of the people around them, feelings of not being heard or the absence of informed consent to medical procedures. It was hearing these birth stories and subsequent trauma that ultimately led her to complete the training with Jenny Mullen to become a ‘Certified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner’. This training accredited is by the Royal College of Midwives and Human Givens Psychologists.

 As a practitioner she is able to offer this service which can provide a fast, effective therapy to recognise and treat women suffering from PTSD from 4 weeks after giving birth. The service is also available to birth partners. This specialist therapy enables her to work with women/partners who are struggling to process the memories of the labour/birth of their baby and who are maybe unable to move forward with their lives as new parents.

Using my knowledge, compassionate nature and debriefing skills along with the specialist training women or partners are supported and enabled to be free of their emotional trauma within 1-3 sessions.  I am fully insured and a Registered Midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

 My practice is accessed via the Enhanced Maternity Services as in the above link.

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Phone: 07794639475

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BTR therapy - a growing need

It is estimated that 10,000 women a year will receive treatment for birth trauma and PTSD. It's believed that this statistic is grossly underestimated with many women being misdiagnosed or simply not coming forward for the correct treatment.

What is BTR Therapy?
Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) therapy is therapeutic intervention designed to offer fast and effective treatment for the hugely debilitating symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD.

About BTR Practitioners
BTR practitioners come from a variety of highly qualified professional backgrounds including midwives, obstetricians, health visitors, nurses, psychotherapists and counsellors who are birth professionals and have a huge interest in perinatal mental health. They attend a yearlong RCM accredited post graduate training programme, qualifying them to recognise and alleviate the symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD.

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